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World Leaders Going To Antarctica Why? - Steve Quayle May 12,2017

Steve Quayle and Tom Horn May 12,2017 - World Leaders Going To Antarctica Why?

"they shall trample the holy city under foot for 3-1/2 years" does not agree with Ezekiel 38. Albert Pikes plan for 3 world wars and the illuminati plan appears to agree with Ezekiel, which the Pharisees forced into the canon around 300 BC. If 144,000 stand before God's throne called "Israel", where are the rest called Israel? The ALL Nations group are the ONLY others seen in Revelation standing before His throne. What about when Jesus said in Matt 24, "when you see the Abomination that maketh desolate spoken of by Daniel the prophet Standing where it ought not" (NOT IN JERUSALEM) ]**Jesus IS the temple**], then those who be in JUDEA flee to the hills. Jesus calls them JUDEA. It is WHO they are. They are 10 tribes short of being "israel". And several million missing from those seen standing among the 144,000 from the 12 tribes, in Revelation ...THE FINAL WORD. ...ARE YOU SERIOUS? lol ...God Bless

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