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Trumps On HIGH ALERT After Massive Discovery Was Just Made On His Property Overnight

 President Trump has been doing an amazing job since he was inaugurated and took office. Despite the opposition working against him he has been doing exceptionally well achieving all the goals he said he had on the campaign trail. However, that does not stupid people from doing downright stupid things. Liberals have taken every opportunity they can to protests the presidency even riot at times. Whether it was after he won or now.

A group of protesters and demonstrators spelled out the word resist so that it was big enough that planes could see it at the President’s, Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. They used 30-foot-tall letters. The indivisible group called Indivisible San Pedro took responsibility for the prank. The group told CBS2 in Los Angeles, California that they protested for a specific purpose.
The purpose of the protest was to call for a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian government during the 2016 presidential campaign and whether the foreign country had any influence in our election. This issue has become especially prominent in the media since the Senate Oversight and Intelligence committees have been holding hearings on it. As well as the recent firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey.

California Rep. Adam Schiff said the following about the possible connections,

“By firing Comey. Trump again has caused the public to wonder whether there is more here than meets the eye. To the long list of questions about his former national security adviser, his attorney general’s flawed testimony before the Senate, and his campaign’s contacts with Russia, we must now add one more: Why, really, did the president fire James Comey?”

St. Louis Indivisible has said,
“The simplest explanation is usually the correct one: A cover-up is now underway and the American people can’t depend on a largely complicit, Republican-controlled Congress to protect them.”

Their Facebook group describes the group as the following,

“a group of concerned citizens that realize the Trump administration’s agenda will take America backwards, and must be stopped.”

The group has been very vocal about calling for the President to release his tax returns. Law enforcement officials indicated it took over fifteen minutes for them to form the word and that the group consisted of children as well. After they formed the word they all began to sing the song “God Bless America.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies we’re called to break up the protest but they simply watched from the balcony and did not interject. The protest continued. Most likely because the protesters were in a public park next to the golf course and not on private property. This is very similar to another situation back in March where environmental activists snuck onto the Trump National Golf Club and carved the following words into the grass in large six foot lettering, “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS.”

They asked for information leading to the capture of those who vandalized their property and even offered a $10,000 reward. But nothing was ever found out and the activisits turned vandals weren’t captured. The silliest part of it all is that if they really cared about doing what they call resisting they would go out their and make a difference.

They would run for town councils and school boards in their towns. They would volunteer at soup kitchens and clinics in need. They would run for political office or work on campaigns for people they want to get elected. This little protest does nothing to effect any change they say they want. All it is is a childish display. Not to mention the poor example it sets for the young children that were notably present at the protest.

Protests and riots have led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in city damages. Washington D.C. is a perfect example where property was destroyed after the Women’s March and the Climate March. The United States deserves unity, it deserves better than this behavior. These people are doing nothing more than bringing shame to our country with their actions. They should be proud that President Trump has brought respect and dignity back to the White House. He is making American great again.

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