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This Is Why Rothschild Banks Fear Bitcoin

 Bitcoin seems unstoppable, topping $1,800 for the first time on 9th of May 2017.
Is it too late to get involved in Bitcoin? Definitely not.
Start buying and trade Bitcoin

This could still be the NWO bankers getting you to put all your money in bitcoin so you got no cash, they got it . The you will find out Bitcoin is the last step in getting the sheeple to get used to digital money. Then the final stage Aaron Russo said the Rockefeller's were on about, they implant you with a grain of rice digital money load system ( and tracking like inside your mobile phone ) . Game over the NWO one world currency , a digital deposit to the chip in your hand. If you don't behave they delete it and you starve ,lol. Come on sheeple.

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  1. what if a CME OR EMP takes down the internet for years as they predict?