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The Simple Truth That Would Smash Our Immoral System

 I wanna be super clear here. The woman running from the cops made a very bad choice which could have EASILY ended in a fatality. She put her and her kids at risk....AND when she was driving erratically down the wrong side of the street, she jeopardized the lives of others. THAT is where she violated the individual rights of others and the point at which the "cops" had a justification to stop her. Unless you're Superman, running from the cops is a very VERY bad idea! Then again, if you were Superman you wouldn't be running. You would confront ALL state functionaries and distribute immediate street justice. No person has a right to pull another person over just because they "broke" an arbitrary "command" of corrupt politicians....Now...if an individual is putting the lives of other individuals at risk there is a reason for ANYONE to intervene for the safety of others. That was NOT the case here. As foolishly and unthinking as the woman acted, nothing warranted the "cop" shooting into a van full of kids. Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting.

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