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The INTERNET MELTS DOWN OVER a Picture of TRUMP with an ORB in Saudi Arabia

Trump is another 33 degree Satanic Freemason and I'm sure he said exactly what was quoted as the elite are all participating in satanic rituals, pedophila, humans sacrifice and cannibalism. Trumps just another NWO psychopath worshiping Satan

Someone close to him, that is, one of those pastors who are close to him, must explain to him the truth of what he unknowingly did. Placing his hands on a false demonic object. The danger of entering into an agreement with something mystical, and the spirit behind or connected with that object is an abomination before God. He probably didn't know what demon, or demons are behind the act. Much prayer is being said for him to be discerning and discriminating in spiritual matters. He probably didn't want to insult to host. So he went along with it. Those who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, do not engage in mysticism. We have the Indwelling Presence of God's Holy Spirit. During the meeting at his office in Trump Tower with a group of Christian leaders, during his campaigning, a woman led Donald Trump in a prayer asking God to forgive him of all of his sins and asked Jesus Christ to come into his life and be his Lord and Savior. So, he's a young Christian. These matters are to be avoided. Mysticism, is demonic, and every true believer in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, are not to confuse or mix the two. 

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