Islam: The Ideology of the Constantly “MISUNDERSTOOD”

who created Islam or what is Islam an offspring off? Who has a historical record of aiding islamic conquerers in their war against Europe? Who funded and backed the muslim general Tarik Ibn Ziyad in the islamic war against the Spanish King Roderik? Who opened the gates of Toledo that allowed the muslim invaders to flood Spain which brought the end of the Visigothic rule in Spain? When the muslims conquered the city of Cordova, Granada and Malaga who were given the position of safeguarding moslem interests in those cities? Which group of people did the muslim general Kaula Al Yahudi(Guess what Yahudi means in Arabic which makes me think he was a crypto YOU KNOW WHO) favor and choose to have under his command? When the Spanish regained control over Spain, who did they expel along with the muslims???

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