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Illuminati Whistleblower Exposes The Satanic Rituals of The Elite

 Henry Makow 9.21.2008 interview: Mary Anne a former Illuminati defector says that the group sacrifices children in rituals eight times a year.

Sept. 21, 2008 was the autumnal equinox. Mary Anne said that thousands of children will be sacrificed that night in Illuminati ceremonies worldwide. The children are bred for the purpose or kidnapped. Satanists believe they gain power from killing. They drink the blood of the victim and rip out the heart and eat a piece of it. They prefer it to be still beating. At Easter, they kill adults.

There are also sexual rituals involving young children. They are believed to increase power, and create fear and solidarity in members.

Illuminati members live double lives. At night they engage in these Satanic rituals. By day they are found in all walks of life: media, medicine, education, psychology, therapy, banking, law, law enforcement, government,  technology, military, charities and religion. They are everywhere. The worst are in the news on a daily basis posing as leaders.

They are the elite of Freemasonry. They are generational Satanists. Their children are evaluated and trained. Mormons and "Nation of Islam" have parallel beliefs.

The world has been divided into ten regions. Different groups are in control of North America. They are related to the Crowns of Europe.
Many Jews have a prominent role but the Illuminati is not predominantly Jewish. Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Wicca, Pagan and New Age groups all play a role. 

80-90% of the House of Representatives and %100 of the Senate belong to the Illuminati.

Mary Anne said she was sexually abused by her own family from an early age. In spite, or because of this, she was groomed to be a prominent political figure. She worked closely with many world leaders and was sexually abused by them. She was tortured when she refused to carry out assassinations.

All religions are infiltrated and controlled by the Illuminati. The Vatican is rotten at the top. All countries, including Russia, China and Iran, are controlled by the Illuminati.  "You don't say no." Russia is owned by them since the Great Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 created and financed through their zionist puppets Lenin and Trotsky. China was developed economically in the last decades through the World Bank also owned by them.

The Illuminati is also behind the homosexual agenda, AIDS, and the sexual revolution. Essentially they foster anything that is in rebellion against God and Jesus Christ. 

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