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EXCLUSIVE Robert David Steele Weekly State of the Union Address Pilot

Why isn't Trump draining the swamp? Why isn't Hillary in jail yet? Why hasn't he released the 9/11 truth? Why aren't we getting out of the Middle East? Why hasn't he killed the other two global trade deals? Why hasn't he gotten us out of NATO or the UN? Why hasn't he closed the FEMA camps? Why hasn't he shut down the NSA and CIA? Why hasn't he stopped the government surveillance of all Americans? Can he get money out of politics? Can he destroy the deep state or expose it? Why does he allow Antifa to hurt his followers and shut down free speech? Why hasn't he declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? When will the elite pedophile rings get shut down? When will their ringleaders get arrested? When will he end the war on drugs? Can we fix the rigged political system BEFORE the next election? Why is he allowing the war against the internet media? Internet neutrality? Anti-trust suits against Google and Facebook? Why hasn't he fired Kushner yet? Why hasn't he fired Priebus yet? Why did he allow the pipelines? Why did he increase military budget? Why aren't we exposing all of Obama's corruption now? Why aren't we charging Bush I, Bush II, Clinton I, Clinton II and Obama as war criminals? Why did we bomb Syria when we knew it was a false flag? When are we going to start seeing some Congressmen get taken down?

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