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Dr Steve Pieczenik: Trump Is Under Deep State Attack, He Must Fight Or Die

Steve Pieczenik is saying - America should not be involved with WAR ANYWHERE. The PEOPLE are fed up with the government going to war. Steve is saying that the Government should be concentrating on cleaning up the Home Base. The Americans are NOT the Policemen of the world. THE WORLD DOESN'T WANT IT.
The U.S. is a puppet state of Israel. America is the whore they call on when the Zionist want to kill some people for the Jew World Order. Kissinger even said 'Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in U.S. (Israel) foreign policy." The best way to stop the mass murder committed by the U.S. military for Israel is to stop sending your kids into the military. Jesus always preached non-violence. America, please wake up!

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  1. Trump Brexit fantasies / ignorance meets insanity, the Saudi realm // Washington will you ever become a civilize nation/ Stephen hawking claim earth only years 100 years; to evolve, get the hint President trump is directed to Washington morons and the outdated CIA. congress republic. //
    this is like left hand echoes like the right hand no difference than 1963 & the Vietnam war, in fact nothing has taken place just anew face which is the same as the old face, meaning lost a as blind man on a foggy night.