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Coast To Coast AM - May 15, 2017 Zetas & Planet X

 Coast To Coast AM - May 15, 2017 Zetas & Planet X

In the latter half, attorney, contractor and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto offered updates on Planet X, the Zeta aliens, and a coming cataclysmic pole shift. Like his friend and colleague, Nancy Lieder, he says he's in telepathic contact with the Zetas (said to originate in the Zeta-Reticuli star system), who communicate with him in a pictorial format rather than using words. According to Gianninoto, Planet X has a diameter of 29,000 miles, and was first photographed approaching our solar system in 1983 by an infrared astronomical satellite.

Coast To Coast AM - May 15, 2017 Zetas & Planet X

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  1. Good interview an great update on Planet-X. Yes, this will come to pass, but ....... WW-III will also happen and before Planet-X arrives; all of this I expect this year. Planet-X will clean things up after WW-III and push the continents together again. Only about a million souls will remain in the corporeal; the rest will all go back to rest in the incorporeal form until it is their time to play their roles again. All of us are already dead.


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