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We Are on the Verge of WW3 between Main street and Wall street -- Robert Steele

Ex CIA Robert David Steele On Deep State Versus Donald Trump - David Kamnitzer Interview

Indeed we need electoral reform and not just in the US, but globally. What is needed is genuine Democracy the kind which gives everybody a voice and puts all important decisions into the hands of the productive people whose lives are directly affected by these decisions.

What Robert Steele is advocating towards the end can in fact only be achieved by dismembering all mega nation states and going back to local statelets and communities; all based on Direct Democracy! This is what would allow everything you are advocating to flourish and make for a peaceful, equitable and just society. This in turn must be built on equally honest money, i.e. Gold and Silver! Fiat currency represents exploitation and tyranny as it is privately owned and canbe printed out of thin air to build a gigantic military and wage wars as has hitherto been the case.

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