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Venezuela: Tear gas flies as anti-government protest hits Caracas

Clashes erupted between anti-government protesters and riot police in the central streets of Caracas, Saturday, after a ruling by the Venezuelan government to ban a main opposition leader from office for 15 years.

As police blocked the protest, clashes erupted. Riot police deployed tear gas as protesters hurled stones and other objects at them.

The protest comes after a decision by the President Nicolas Maduro's government to ban the main opposition leader Henrique Capriles from running in presidential race for 15 years. In a response to the state's decision, Capriles called his supporters to participate in mass demonstrations.

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  1. I copy these coments from below Zero Hedge news about this:

    Interestingly, there is no mention of the fact that explosive video and audio that has recently surfaced showing how the opposition parties are paying large amounts of money for young men to unleash violence in these "protests". Primero Justicia (Capriles' Party), Voluntad Popular (Little CIA Angel Leopoldo Lopez' Party) and COPEI (Led by Alvarez Paz, who is openly discussing destabilization with a military officer in the audio) have all been linked to conspiracies in this affair, and arrests are forthcoming.

    Many of the captured mercenaries are spilling the beans, implicating political figures and parties. For example, here is the head of Venezuelan Intelligence calling in to "la Hojila" and disclosing a capture and preliminary findings.