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Trump's Road to WW3 : After Syria he will strike North Korea

Trump WW3 Plan : After Syria here comes North Korea

President Trump has proven himself to be a man of action who won’t take any guff from terrorist forces, no matter where they are in the world. After this week’s missile attack in Syria, Trump is already on a new mission to wipe evil off the face of the earth…
In light of North Korea’s recent provocations, a strike group of U.S. aircraft carriers is now heading toward the western Pacific Ocean, en-route to the Korean Peninsula. (via CNN) We’re coming for you, North Korea!

North Korea is the United States’ pesky, vexatious, competitive little step-brother who will never win against us. Kim Jong-Un: you look like a toddler drawing lines in the sand. Put the weapons down, sit in the corner, and think about what you did.

Mere days ago, Kim Jong-Un ordered an extended-range missile launch from his North Korean headquarters. The missile exploded in flight. Seems North Korea still hasn’t gotten ballistic missile technology down pat, but that hasn’t stopped them from numerous attempts.
Face it, North Korea: Your weaponry will never be as advanced as the United States’. The power structure of the U.S., and her allies, inherently negates and dismantles any would-be threat posed by North Korea.

Trump is prepared to act. The president executed a missile strike earlier this week in Syria. In one week, our president has done more to protect our country than Barack Obama did during his eight-year term in office.
The United States’ carrier-led strike group is meant to exhibit strength, action, and to warn all comers of what we’re capable of. The United States is no longer led by a wet blanket. Provoke us, and we WILL rise to action.
The purpose of the Vinson strike group’s relocation is to send North Korea a message — antagonizing the region with missile tests won’t be tolerated. The United States will handle these potential threats with level-headed assertiveness, integrity, and deliberation.
Forget about who we used to be under Barack Obama’s reign. Now, action is being enforced.

Our actions signal to North Korea, and all threatening nations, that they’d be better served placating the United States, and not making us their active enemy. If we say stop with the missiles, the missiles stop.
Kim Jung-Un: know your place. This is the United States of America we’re talking about. Sit in the corner with your head down. You’re an embarrassment.
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