Trump Admin. Admits Carrying Out Globalist Agenda

Call it a "slip" if you want...but you're really NOT going to get a more clear public confession (or admission) than THIS!!

America wants to control the worlds oil supply. They want the pipeline and Asad is in the way of progress.

people need to realize that us standing against Trump as another NWO puppet does not put us in league with BLM, Antifa, radical feminism, or any of the other nut cases that oppose Trump. Those groups are still part of the two party paradigm and are just mad because their side lost. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend, we work to wake those people up as much as we work to wake up the people who stand with Trump. You've been had folks, you fell for it again because he had some slick talk. If you think these people aren't smart enough to realize that they needed to appeal to truthers, nationalists, the alt-media, libertarians, and anyone else who had "woken up", in order to pacify these groups, then you are severely underestimating the NWO and it's participants. All they had to do was throw a clown up there to say a few empty phrases and he suckered you all back in to a system that you had abandoned, because this time it just had to be different. Well guess what folks, it wasn't.

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