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SPECIAL REPORT with Alex Jones - New Sandy Hook Information - Saturday 4/22/17

Sandy Hook - FBI statistics show ZERO murders in New Town Connecticut in 2012!!!!!BIG PICTURE- there is a war on Christianity!!!!! Saddam allowed Christians in Iraq, Gaddafi allowed Christians in Libya, Assad allows Christians in Syria, Russia is a Christian nation, normalizing homosexuality, trying to force trans-genders into the opposite bathroom, flooding western countries with anti Christian muslims.The elite/globalist/international bankers/Rothschild's know that they have to defeat Christian morals and Christian values before they can set up the one world dictatorship/government. I fear that their number one weapon, the tax payer funded CIA, is able to pull the wool over Trumps eyes. Maybe he is not as smart as we hoped, or, perhaps he is just part of the problem. I saw Mattis on TV claiming that Syria still has chemical weapons. You know that the CIA is going to have the rebels/Syrian fighters/ IISIS gas a bunch more people and claim that it was Assad. We cannot allow a Christian country to exist in the middle east. Trump and his cabinet cannot be this stupid. They have got to see what the one common denominator behind all of these events is. China and Saudi Arabia are the human rights violation capitals of the world ( our allies ) Russia, our natural ally, is the biggest threat to the free world, AKA the globalist/bankers/Rothschild's... A blind retard on crack can see what is really going on. Why can't our government?

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