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Peter Schiff : Trump Train Ready To Derail

 20 trillion in debt, 1 trillion in annual deficits if off budget expenditures are counted and massive money printing by the Fed each year to purchase much of those deficits. Need I say more.
Should have voted Gary Johnson. You can't bomb Aleppo if you don't know what it is!

When Trump was a candidate he made love with Putin and said we shouldn't be in Syria. Just like candidate obama said he was bringing our troops home and ending the war in his first year. Nobody gets it because nobody understands the petrodollar. All oil trade in the Middle East must take place in dollars or else we will kill you. It's because it's essential for the US economy. We can't have all those dollars coming back here. I said to anyone who would listen that as soon as Trump got into office and received his education from the military and CIA about how our dollar works that his position on Syria would change faster than a rabbit has sex. Now all of a sudden Trump is obeying his bankster owners and will give us the propaganda for why we must oust Assad while our CIA plans his death and the puppet government that will replace him after he banned the dollar from Syria in 2014. By 2018 a new government in Syria will be using dollars in oil trade again. Book it.

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