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Peter Schiff : America Already Bankrupt , Prepare Now for The Dollar Collapse

Peter Schiff Why The Dollar Will Collapse Certainly on April 5, 2017

Something as large as a collapse very likely has been in the works for 30-40 years, if not longer. There are some things that I think Trump and congress can do that will reduce the severity and length of the collapse but there might not be any way to avoid it completely. When the SHTF, everyone gets a little on them, no matter how well prepped they are. But don’t kid yourself about Soros. That old devil knows full well that gold IS money and he, no doubt, has a s**t-load of it. If the US$ bites the dust and disappears, him shorting it on its way out likely will be a contributor to its demise. I fully expect that he will not have justice done upon him in this life but I would not be him for all the gold on Earth once he is called to account for all that he has done here. They say that “payback is a bi+c#” and in his case, it is likely to be a whole flock of them. I can see him in Hell now… being pecked and clawed to death by a flock of harpies… over and over again. Well earned, well deserved

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