NATO Is Ready To Provoke Nuclear Confrontation With Russia

 NATO’s Eastern Push: Is the Tide Finally Beginning to Turn?
Amid the current strain in relations between Europe and Russia and the ongoing US push for further NATO expansion eastwards, two leading NATO states, Germany and Britain, now seem to be more vocal in their calls for dialogue with Moscow and a halt to further NATO expansion. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (C) poses with officials and military personnel in front of a NATO unmanned drone outside PGE National Stadium, Who is NATO Fighting Against Once NATO expansion began in the mid-1990s, it became all but inevitable that it would continue to do so until it encompassed all the territory between the original NATO member-countries and Russia’s borders,” reads the article on the website of Gordon M. Hahn, an Analyst and Advisory Board Member at the US-based Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation.“Along the way, this process has driven a wedge deeper and deeper between Russia and the West, creating pivotal conflicts along Russia’s borders in Georgia and Ukraine and thereby endangering both sides’ security,” the author further explains.US Navy Positions To Attack, Russia Prepares To Retaliate ssia’s moves in the Baltic Sea are monitored by the United States, especially now that tensions persists. While the United States prepares its Navy for anything that could crop up, Russian troops have been building up in other parts like Ukraine. Are both countries preparing for World War? US Navy Positions to Attack Despite continued denial of war-related efforts, the United States and Russia have continued deploy more troops in tensed and monitored parts like the Black Sea and Ukraine. As Russia is perceived to be a key player in the Black Sea security architecture, the U.S. and NATO are finding ways to curtail Moscow’s geopolitical position. The two allies are looking to return to great power competition at sea, according to reports.Russia is fearful that things could turn for the worse as tensions between NATO, including the United States, continue to escalate.
What is martial law?If you’re looking for a definition, then Martial Law basically means using state or national force to enforce the will of the government on the people. It basically allows the government, or a tyrannical politician, to shred the and impose its will through force.History of of America“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”The U.S. dollar replaced the British Pound Sterling as the world’s reserve currency around 1945. It occurred for a number of reasons. The U.S. economy was the global leader in manufacturing and held the majority of the world’s gold. According to sources I’ve read, the dollar was the only currency still backed by gold (there was a downside to this). Of course they would love to explain that these specialist’s expertise would be used in other regions of the planet, and as you all know, the isn’t allowed to operate in the United States. If this is the case, then why the sudden need to recruit so many more? As you'll soon see, just about anything could lead to a state of Martial Law. In today's environment, it won't take much. In a previous post titled, Obama Warns: Be Ready For EMP Attacks, martial law economic update, martial law economic collapse news, economic collapse martial law, latest update martial law, latest news economic collapse, martial law un, martial law after election, Engineered Pandemics, Massive , and Martial Law, I mentioned how on May 31, US president took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA where he made a point to stress that Americans who are not preparing for, or who do not have plans for any given scenario, could find themselves in big trouble in the near future. The following excerpt from president speech comes directly from the official White House website…

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