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Military Intervention In Syria | Debate between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell

 Do you support President Donald Trump’s military intervention in Syria and the Middle East as a whole? Bill Mitchell joins Stefan Molyneux for a thorough discussion and debate on the recent military action in Syria, the threats of regime change, the possible removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the history of American foreign interventions, the reliability of U.S. intelligence, avoiding World War 3 and if this damages Trump’s how this impacts the America First campaign promise.

Bill Mitchell is the host and creator of YourVoice Radio and one most influential non-candidates on social media the election cycle - with 200,000+ Twitter followers and millions of impressions daily.

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  1. bill thinking is beyond your range, you do not know what thinking mens.

  2. in fact you react you do not think properly, it is an america habit to believe you think but you do not you react