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Michael Savage : Trump is being Misled

Michael Savage on The Alex Jones Show - Exclusive Interview Tuesday 4/11/17

 Date: Tuesday April 11, 2017
Today on The Alex Jones Show
Tuesday, April 11: North Korea: We'll Nuke You! - As U.S. warships head toward the Korean peninsula, the North Korean media warns the United States of a nuclear strike if provoked. Also, Vladimir Putin says the U.S. might bomb the Syrian capital and blame it on Assad. Sputnik News correspondent Cassandra Fairbanks joins the broadcast to discuss the ongoing situation in Syria and more. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission. Tune in!

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  1. ivanka fox. she is a nice girl: stop excusing trump, otherwise learning will never sink on the public mind, people learn by example honest good example, not excuses. , however killing people is wrong same as jail, confinement. somehow is counterproductive. there are other ways to tread criminal acts.