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JIM ROGERS Final Warning - It's has started and Trump has no idea what to do

JIM ROGERS knows the US markets are UNSUSTAINABLE Big-time ! The P/E's r way out of wack, along with the Vix and that means Trouble. Along with all the Debt !
It's not about betting against the Fed, it's about ranting against the Fed... to wake the sheeple who think we've had a real "recovery" and everything is awesome, thanks to Obama, Bush, Yellen, Krugman, and their elitist krony kapitalist vampire financial terrorists.
Its a big club and its the same club they beat you over the head with everyday telling you what to believe, what to buy and who to "vote" for...They have extended the party and given the Billionaire Boy's Clubers time to prepare for Round 2. I'm talking about the guys who don't really care if their $40 million dollar appartment ends up only being worth $25's paid for, they don't care...along with their Villa's and oceanfront properties sprinkled around the globe.

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