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Jared Kushner: The Trump Administrations Connections to The Eite that Caused 9/11 - EXPOSED

is Jared Kushner the antichrist
 . Something is going on with him that's massive. He has no fucking experience but yet he's always there in the pics standing behind Don. He is 36 years old man, 6*6= 36. if you add up every number from 1-36 you get 666. He spent 1.8 billion on 666 5th ave, 6+6+6=18 aka. 1.8. That may sound silly but isn't that what they want us to think? Any way, there's something about him that is sneaky. Maybe he's the snake in the story trump read at a rally last year

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  1. Michel Onfray : «Cette étrange perversion qui consiste à nourrir le monstre Le Pen qu'on prétend combattre» De Gaulle sa vision du sionisme et du conflit Israel Palestine - 1967
    marine découvre le dream team/ macron, Fillon, hamon,mélenchon, dupont, puis les grand petits partis.