Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Trump is The Ultimate Divide & Conquer Puppet: Duality, The Hegelian Dialectic & The NWO Hyrda

Chump is more dangerous than Hillary because people actually trust him. He's the mascot of a fake revolution, nothing more. He's making America great for Israel, not us.

Stein, Zuckerberg, Epstein, Schumer, Rosenthal, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Soros (Schwartz), Kissinger, Blumenthal, Bernacke, Yellen, Greenspan, Geithner, Lieberman, Sulzberger (NYT), Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, Blankfein, Lehman Brothers, Ginsberg, etc., etc. Starting to see the picture yet?
It's obviously a Jew World Order. The winners write the history books.

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