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Edward Snowden Explains Who Really Rules The United States

WIth two pieces of information known as true; the trans-national control of our goverments worldwide, & that non-humans are on this planet. Everyone here is smart enough to follow from those that we have been molded through religion, and controlled through politics for at least twelve thousand years. {I'm fairly certain that it's been many times longer than that} We carry every single trait of a domesticated animal, down to the urge to worship our masters. Our genetics show we've been whittled and bottlenecked down the ages. I still find it curious that they seem to tell us right out front what they are doing, and have done so through the aeons. To see the entire picture, you will need to look at the entire picture however. You can start seeing that it's the same scripts repeated as if computer generated. Once you do look, without filtering your vision with relgion or beliefs, you'll see how blatant and obvious it is. This is a cleansing coming up. It's to drop the population down to a reasonable 'under a billion'. It will take a few thousand years to finish completely and begin the next cycle. If you HAVE looked, you see that this isn't the first time they've done this. They raised sea levels 400 feet some 12,000 years ago, ending the ice sheets and warming the globe along with a global war. With that having happened, and with the beauty of how exactly intricately planned this all seems to be, I can be sure we're not the first specie they've done this to. I'm really curious to see it all play out, and hope I make it through at least that far. I truly grieve for all those of us who won't make it to that end and beyond.

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