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Donald Trump Got Trumped -- Robert Steele

RAW TALK WITH EX CIA ROBERT DAVID STEELE - THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY - #DRAINTHESWAMP  . This is a must watch of our exclusive interview with Robert David Steele. The more I listen to this man, the more respect I have for him and his ideas.I want to state that Steele and I both feel Trump can still be one of the greatest Presidents of all time if he does not succumb to the globalist establishment. #DrainTheSwamp

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  1. ivanka fox. she is a nice girl: stop excusing trump, otherwise learning will never sink on the public mind, people learn by example honest good example, not excuses. , however killing people is wrong same as jail, confinement. somehow is counterproductive. there are other ways to tread criminal acts.

  2. do you think trump is an al Capone playing gulf?