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Deep State In Panic Mode

Deep State In Panic Mode, Creating Events To Distract From Their Activities

Trump and Ryan try to push health care again. Evidence is pouring out that Susan Rice was one of the people behind the unmasking, she has now been called to testify. Judicial Watch gets documents that show Obama was involved with the IRS scandal. North Korea allegedly hacked into SK and stole military plans. The last 5 Presidents bombed Iraq. Turkey is starting a new mission in Syria but Syria has not given the go ahead. Bomber has been identified in the St. Petersburg bombing . The deep state uses another event to distract from the truth, they are back to using chemical weapons attack in Syria.

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  1. Haley: If UN won't act on Syria, 'we may' our president trump Barack Clinton has taken order from George T bush so trolls get ready to die for bush Cheney and Israel. as Cheney said a new pearl harbor trumps elections folks that is the new pearls harbor under Cheney law. and Halliburton.