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Currency War heating up

Nothing starts a war with the US faster than gold.
China & Russia May DITCH U.S. DOLLAR and Create GOLD BACKED Trade! Russia and China Join Forces to Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift to Gold Trade
Will China and Russia ditch the dollar completely at some point in the near future?

As scary as the idea of collapse is, it needs to happen. I hate to say it, but we can't ever get this bubble/burst program quarantined without crashing out all the fraud and theft. Who loses the most? He with the most percentage to be wiped out. The higher the amount, the bigger the loss. Hell, they scraped us to the bone, and any % of zero is still zero, but start talking anything above 50% and these greed mongers will start jumping off buildings. Just saying...that's exactly what they did in 1929. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE folks. Bulk rice, garden, water filters, allies, first aid, medications, think practical and usable items and pray to God we won't need them.

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