Coast To Coast AM - April 14, 2017 Everything Is Fake & Open Lines

 Coast To Coast AM - April 14, 2017 Everything Is Fake & Open Lines

Everything in our society today is fake—or at least a great many things are, according to publisher Brad Olsen, who joined guest host Jimmy Church in the first half.

Open Lines followed

Coast To Coast AM - April 14, 2017 Everything Is Fake & Open Lines

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  1. Good & evil
    Good and evil does not exist, what does exist is a point once that particular point is put in motion, a question arises. Time becomes part of this motion, however time is impartial neither good or bad. Is how you estimate time that will give you a good result or a bad result. Soros is both a anti globalist and a globalist in time and space. However, his timing has lead him to assimilate the globalist, rather than the humanist. He assimilates the humanism as a globalist. However, both exist on one state of motion. As the motion reaches his previous point an instantaneous new point emerges and we return to the question of good and evil. Is just a question of time. For instance, Syria bombing and Syrian chemical toxic realm. Two ways appear action or no action, which is the same good & evil. timing and the result of the particular reason for acting at that timing determines the outcome, which is forward or a return to the motion point.
    in other words, what you call a return of motion to a fix point; can be translated to a static wheel, the wheel turns but remains static, as it returns to his point of motion. things repeat themselves, evolution, occurs only technologically however the return to the starting point keeps one side slowly evolving while the other side remaining static.


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