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Bill Still -- US Cyber Took Down Korean Missile Test, 1581

This video is about 1581 - US Cyber Took Down Korean Missile Test

 This is a big tech story. We can now hack into a North Korean missile and make it go into its internal destruct sequence? Wow!
I still maintain that it would have been better if China had done it to follow along with their other forceful actions to bring pressure to bear on North Korean dictator Tiny Kim. But perhaps there were security concerns, or perhaps the Chinese just lacked the sophistication that the NSA had and we weren’t about to give it to them.
In any case now, this story is cracking wide open. Sunday morning Dr. Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s Special Asst. Advisor, would neither confirm or deny the story, but he happily told Maria Bartoromo on Fox Business that the US is doing amazing cyber work:
[insert Gorka]
The implication? Yeah, we did it.
Then former CIA Senior Defense analyst, Col. Tony Schaffer went on Fox News this morning with a few more details.
[insert Col. Schaffer]
Then Fox host, Brian Kilmead asked Col. Schaffer about other advanced technologies that the US has in its arsenal – one the deep penetrator bomb, and then a technology which he refers to as “microwave” but I think he’s talking about the opposite end of the radio frequency spectrum – ULF- ultra-low frequency – that can bring all electronics to its knees.
[insert Brian]
But there are other weapons technologies which are in advanced R&D status which are coming to fruition as well that could have been responsible for the Korean missile takedown, but we’ll save that for our next report.

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