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A 6000 Year History Of The Jew World Order

Obama, Bush, Brown, Tony Blair, Angela Merkle French leaders, NWO, where the people invent Robots to replace humanity, a World Order where self drive cars where people fall asleep at the wheel and cause chaos, Giant Wind Mills destroying Bird life, where a storm can build up so much energy that they blow themselves up. A NWO where the Whales Beach themselves, lost by Radar and Sonar and Telephone hasque signals causing Global Confusion, a NWO where the sea is so Toxic that the fishes throw themselves out of the sea of Piss and Shit and Toxic waste materials, Plastic Bags, Oil spills, who could have thought that up but the insane. And NUCLEAR weapons to blow up the world to add to the insanity, and chemical and Biological weapons to whipe out human life and Manufactured diseases to cause sickness and disease. All these NWO idiots need to be put in the insane assylum where they belong.

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