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Why The Media Is Silent about The Paris Riots ?!

PARIS RIOTS 2017 | Why The Media Is Silent | Marine Le Pen | The Death Of France | French Election

Also the media is silent because it is predominately left wing. Aside from Breitbart and Fox news in the US, just about every other news outlet is left wing. This is corruption in the media en mass like never seen before.

France has more troops on the street than they did in Northern Ireland during the troubles, there's race riots in the suburbs . France can blame their politicians for the open borders,mass immigration that has turned their country into an armed camp. The French need strong leadership now to get their once great country back.

This multiracial experiment is completely un-mandated, which wouldn't have been a problem if the utopia they envisioned actually materialized. Predictably it has been a disaster of unimaginable proportions which is a huge problem for the establishment.

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