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Watch #Trump Contradicting Himself for 4 Minutes straight

 I DON'T KNOW DAVID DUKE I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM I DON'T KNOW THE KKK, but in February 2000 he thinks he's a racist bigot and doesn't want him in the republican party.

pro choice or pro life, he's clearly neither, he's pro himself, in October 1999 he's pro life in every respect and AS FAR AS IT GOES, and now he wants to punish women who are having abortion, assuming changing views is a button you can just click and have your views changed just like that as he claims he did and as his supporters like to believe not because these are the required views for a republican candidate to get the vote, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE WON'T PRESS THAT BUTTON AGAIN AND CHANGE HIS VIEWS AGAIN?

Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman and he's known her for years and "she really works hard and she does a good job and her record as a secretary of state is above and beyond anyone else and everything else" but now she's THE WORST SECRETARY OF STATE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.

And by the way i wasn't planning on making this video i just noticed how much he contradicts himself during the making of his cliches video and within the sources that i used in that video only, i avoided adding any commentary on the video, kept it as simple as possible, gave space for the context which is clear and obvious anyway for normal human beings and i still get these unbelievable comments saying that i fabricated the video and others saying i've taken what he said out of context!! and others not even considering anything as a contradiction which is hilarious.

ALSO I am not a democrat nor republican and i am not a Hillary Clinton supporter.

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