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Unbelievable Recent Wikileaks Revelations

 From remote vehicle control, to the crazy ways the CIA can listen to you; These are Unbelievable Recent Wikileaks Revelations !

10. Vault 7

9. Smart TV’s

8. iPhones and Androids

7. Covert Hacker Bases

6. Vehicle Control Hacking

5. Operation Hammer Drill
The CIA had quite a few different programs in order install the malware they created on other people’s computers. The had a few cyber weapons up their sleeves and one of those was a cross-platform malware that would target microsoft, linux, solaris by infecting computers with CD’s, DVD’s USB’s and other sophisticated malware. It’s believed that this would work with the most secure computers on the planet. It also seemed to have the ability to infect computers that weren’t even connected to the internet or never have been connected to the internet before. So, be careful next time you put a CD or USB into your computer, just know what you might be getting yourself into. It’s also believed that the US took some of this technology from Russia and if some of the devices were to be detected, it would essentially point the finger at them.

4. Codename Ricky Bobby
The codename for one of the malwares developed is known as “Ricky Bobby”. This is a lightweight implant for specially targeted computers running on newer versions of Microsoft Windows and server. This easy to install malware allows hackers to easily upload and download files and execute demands without being detected. This is remotely installed with physical access to target computers most likely by people who pose as IT support. Once the malware is on the computer, it’s on there for good and there’s apparently no way to get it off. It’s clear that the time and research that’s been done to develop these cyber weapons was rather extensive.

3. Fine Dining
The codenames used in these wikileaks attack can get pretty wild. This one is called “fine dining” and it allows for a CIA operate to plant a hacking device program under the cover of playing an innocent online game! So the entire time they’re implanting malware onto a computer no one will suspect them doing any harm. The system uses the cover of online games like “2048” which is a game with numbers and the other cover is the media player VLC. they’re also able to use existing tools on the computer such as things like “notepad” for their hacking operation. For example, they’ll use the notepad to communicate with other CIA agents who can view what they’re doing on that computer.

2. Operation Shoulder Surfer
Ever see someone kind of lingering over your shoulder, trying to see what you’re doing on the computer? You might especially be cautious of shoulder surfers while you’re at the ATM machine or typing in an important password to your Ashley Madison account. Yeah that’s basically what the CIA spooks are doing, they know this and that’s why they called this operation Shoulder Surfer. It’s a little bit hard to decipher all of the government lingo but we could clearly tell that this was for hacking into people's private email inbox. This allows for them to hack into Microsoft exchange servers and dig up things like your emails and maybe even worse, your browser history! For love of god, so one do something! This will also allow them to obtain information stored in your computer such as passwords, and files stored on the computer. The CIA really knows how to beat a dead horse and they seem to have several different ways to gain as much personal info about someone as possible.

You might be asking yourself, hey, if the CIA is so good at hacking things, how does wikileaks even exists and how have they not been able to hack them? The wikileaks server in Sweden is extremely secure and located in Sweden, in an undisclosed location. Julian Assange has assured us the server is safe and the technology the CIA would have to possess to hack it, would be above their capabilities, for the moment at least. The sheer massive amount of hacking notes and documents found from Vaut 7 is just simply overload. As you’re reading through the files. You notice the time and effort put into these projects. Edward Snowden claims these documents appear to be real due to the fact that insider terminology is used, that only CIA agents would know. Julien Assange asked the question,” Should the Geneva Convention be modernized in order make this kind of hacking an international crime?”

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