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#Trump First President For The People

We need the American people to rise up against the left.......Or the American people are gonna lose Trump....

we all know clintons, bush's, weiner, podesta's, soros, ping pong man, nor any other of the top crime ring haven't even been arrested. i urge you all to see this obama spy diversion as only a method of steering attention off the mountain of evidence Wikileaks exposures. obama phony birth certificate is top-level Treason which allowed him to masquerade as President with no American credentials but he remains free despite concrete evidence. the time has come to see how Att Gen Sessions has recused himself leaving a muslim prosecutor in charge & eliminating any chance of prosecution, and him and Comey remain in top positions despite their clear participation because Trump is now running diversions and psy-op. Flynn was fired for obtaining the list of pedophile criminals. WE THE PEOPLE are truly the only individuals who will be sacrificed. I voted Trump but the fantasy is over. 7 million muslims have applied for sanctuary in America, and when they build a southern wall WE THE PEOPLE are then all prisoners - Mexico tunnels under and no muslims are being deported, only Mexicans. NO top-level criminals have been arrested but Patriots and Veterans are labeled as terrorists. Please see how an award-winning charismatic actor has manipulated us all. Patriots are being prosecuted daily, but not even 1 criminal has even been arrested. WE have a real problem, folks. Someone is pretending to be Wikileaks but none of the content of any other 'LEAKS' has ever led to any arrests. they have about ran out of diversions, please prepare yourselves for their biggest false flag terror attack on Americans ever- wise Americans are their true target

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  1. what looks like is that big brother is watching and could take over soon and that is the fact that the industrial military complex is working on. so by trump welcome the boot on your face forever.