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#Trump The Enigma - Zionist by Day Nazi by Night !!

#Trump  Zionist by Day Nazi by Night !! Donald Trump is a Double Dealer, and even those that think they are his Friends can get Dealt to the Bottom of the Deck, if that's Good for him. I'd be more nervous about being Donald Trump's Friend, it just puts you in a closer position for him to stab you in the back. Mr. Trump and his family grew up Jew York. They live in Jew York and do 'business' in Jew York. Heck his daughter married a Jew and CONVERTED to Judaism so that the Jews that run New York would throw crumbs to her daddy and stop his descent to the depth of poverty. That that the goyium, with his showmanship, has won the White House, he is in position to serve his masters well!

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Mr. Trump is a TOTAL TOOL! His WHOLE FAMILY is made of of "TOOLS"! And fools. They think by kissing Mr. Netanyahu's rear end they will get something! Mr. Netanyahu is a common criminal land stealing carpetbagger himself, with nothing to give you but BAGGAGE Mr. Trump will regret LONG AFTER THE LIGHT GO OUT! The far right-winged lunatic fringe who voted Trump into office, think that he is anti-Israel and anti-Jew. After the euphoric drug of faux victory wears off, reality will soon set-in to their utter horror. There will be no changing of the guards. Trump's victory is really a victory for the global bankers and Jewish elite who will be controlling again the entire agenda of their new puppet.

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