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This is How The Rothschild Controlled FED took Control of America !!

Remove the Fed as ultra virus to the Constitution and sieze all illegal gotten gains and return them to the citizens of the US. The dilution of our currency is a taking of the buying power of our money without due process.
Why Donald Trump won't champion "anything" after day 1 of his swearing in?... Wasn't even part of his campaign "promises" because the American people are too effing stupid to know and understand it's influence even after all the damage it's wrought since it's inception. He will never tell the American people that the only way it will ever recover and SURVIVE from the infinite debt/"death" is by abolishing this 102 year old institution FIRST and FOREMOST!!!

The Federal Reserve has harmed most US citizens and protected two groups: the government, which creates bonds and the private sector which buys, sells, manipulates, and packages various debt instruments. The common serf in the USSA has suffered greatly. Of course, they could use the big Google machine and do their own research. But that requires effort. I give up. Most people I encounter are complete narcissists that have no interest in truth or knowledge. It may be my age. People of my same age astound me. I actually watched a woman, one year younger than myself according to her sister, fall asleep in a public waiting lounge. I wondered, was she retarded? On heavy medication? No idea. Ill kept and dirty, fat, greasy hair, and sleeping in public. My god. What has the USSA come to? No wonder men of my age look abroad for a wife!

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