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This is How The Banks Bleed The Middle Class Dry

 The fifth-column, especially the grifting banksters, backstop their schemes and scams with propaganda and brainwashing. Their chief indoctrination is that debtors of their fiat owe them, the grifting banksters. This is not the case. Both morally and legally it is the banksters that owe we, not we that owe them.

For Americans the Law of the Land, the Constitution, provides for no central bank--it is Unconstitutional and illegal. Additionally, be reminded that the grifting banksters fund their fiat via deposits stolen from their depositors, the people. These stolen deposits are fenced via further counterfeit via unsuspecting debtors. This counterfeit is theft of purchasing power from all within the currency realm. A theft that shows up as higher prices at the store for food, etc.

Put another way: If I loan you money, you owe me. If I stole the money that I loaned you from your house, it is then I that owes you.

Keep this in mind the next time you write a check to the banksters' credit card company, and then later discover milk higher in price.

An American citizen, not US subject.

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