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The Donald #Trump Conspiracy: America's Savior or End of a Nation?

 Is  #Trump the Illuminati's #1 Target for 2017?  He Threatens to Reveal 9/11 Conspiracy as President

Don't kid yourself about Trump. He is NOT on your side. Without Trump their can be no Sores-funded protesters/provocateurs. Without provocateurs their can be no division among the people. This is happening on BOTH sides right now. Division IS the goal my friend. This cycle is a distraction from real events. The economy is about to fall off of a cliff. WWIII is about to break out in at least 5 separate places because of U.S. foreign policy. This nation is as divided as it has been since the civil war. We are in big, big trouble. The writing is clearly on the wall for those with eyes to see. Remember, nobody gives a shit about politics when their kids are starving...

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