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Stefan Molyneux | Winning the Culture War with President Trump: Survival Guide

The ongoing culture war between the dark forces of globalism and the rising tide of nationalism has seen many battles fought within the political arena of the United States of America. As the ideological battle wages on, Stefan Molyneux explains what is truly on the line and how you can survive to continue fighting the good fight.

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  1. this is a show that demonstrates info-wars main brainwashing by the main media networks and the CIA: the problem with the trump trolls is that they do not understand the game they are simple minded and info wars is incapable of really informing the trolls, reason why a president does not rule but has the chance to improve things. when the people the public understand that his actions demand an inverted reply. example, North Korea trump trolls and info wars rather than explaining that North Korea and Israel are the same they both have nukes and are a danger to humanity. they follow the rhetoric of main media brainwashing, posted by info-wars: Nuke North Korea, they are evil: trump cannot say Israel and North Korea are the same: but the Trump trolls of info-wars CAN.

  2. more precisely you lot do not understand democracy 2017 version: Stefan does not understand democracy 's mob behaviour, the mob does not see, mob and trolls are the same a bunch of fellows under one ruler one leader, when that takes place individuality stops and you get all trump trolls that think as one. hitler got to power with the same methods as Mussolini. Stefan the leader is expected to clear your minds to act properly, however that only happens when he perceives the reality the game. otherwise is chaos .