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South Africa starts Expropriations of White Farmers Land : Zimbabwe 2.0 Style

South Africa has already sunk to shit hole status. I was looking at South Africa reports recently. Crime has become rampant over the last few decades, with all racial groups among the victims. Rates of rape (men, women, boys, girls, infants, and elderly), murder, assault, robberies, kidnappings, carjackings, home invasions, and crime against farmers are all extremely high. SA is now reputed to be the "Rape Capitol of the World". Whole business neighborhoods that were thriving 30 or 40 years ago have collapsed into crime and drug-ridden ghettos. Apartment blocks are often occupied by squatters. Personal safety is increasingly threatened. Government corruption is out of control, and the central government is incompetent in virtually all areas. Many expats report fear of crime as a prime reason for leaving SA. The economy continues to limp along at best. GDP growth is anemic while inflation outstrips growth. Unemployment and poverty are rampant among the lower classes. Disparity of wealth and income is extreme. The dream of prosperity and comfortable lifestyle that was sold to the SA people when Apartheid was abolished remains a dream at best. Rating agencies are threatening to reduce SA's rating to "junk". Many of the remaining white and Afrikaans residents reported feeling increasingly uneasy, even before Zuma's latest attempt to gain political popularity by threatening to take land and businesses from whites and give it to black residents. If Zimbabwe's model is followed, most of the good land will go to government cronies who will not put it to good use, and some will go to small holders who will lack capital and equipment and so will not be able to achieve much more than a low subsistence level.

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