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Paul Craig Roberts It's OVER For Trump

Paul Craig Roberts "It's OVER For Trump. Anti-Russian Neocons Are In Charge. Business As Usual."

Get the record straight, I am an American Trump supporter but he is losing his support very fast. All of this is mere blather, the facts are Trump is "Commander & Chief" of the Armed Forces and all of these ABC Agencies fall under the Executive branch. He needs to start firing everyone in these agencies starting with the CIA & every General down to the ranks of Major in the Pentagon. He needs to order the patriots in the US Army & Marines to roll through the gates of Langley Virginia & seize control of that criminal operation immediately. We gave him a mandate to end these illegal wars of aggression & bring our troops home, not to continue this PNAC (Greater Israel Project bullshit). He needs to know our nation has reached a flash point, those who make a peaceful revolution impossible make a violent revolution inevitable. America has a 10th Amendment & we are preparing to use it.. Trump needs to get his shit together & do his damn job or we the Military, Veterans & Patriots are preparing to do it for him & we are not "Snowflakes"... Don't make us come up there...

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