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NSA Whistleblower Releases Documents Proving Trump Surveillance

These Government Intelligence Agencies are FAR TOO LARGE and go looking for ANYTHING they can get on anyone, especially people in power that disagree with them! If you are one that disagrees you are being watched! Since J Edgar Hoover the FBI has grown and have their own Agenda and do NOT get in their way or your arse belongs to them! The Intel Agencies have grown so much and not necessarily for We the People but Against us and the people we put in power! The people that voted for President Trump wanted REAL CHANGE and Intel has their own ideas about what and how much Change they will ACCEPT! We the People will always get it in the end, Shit runs downhill and we are at the bottom! We do NOT fit into Intel, or Politicians Plan for this ONCE Great Nation, we are only told what they want us to know and nothing more!

I have seen so much over the years that changed exactly who we were and where we are heading it scares me to death! Although it don't really bother me for myself, I am on the wrong side of life to be too worried about what MAY HAPPEN in America but I do have children and Grandchildren I do worry about and I do NOT like what I see going on in the Swamp they like to call DC!

 President Trump has been on the right side from the very beginning, almost like he has the book with what will happen IF things don't change for the better! Yes, we must #Drain the Swamp, set #Term Limits and Fire Everyone in prior administrations, no matter WHO becomes POTUS in the Future! All present and Future POTUS's should Drain the Swamp upon entering office to keep things running smoothly! Let NO Appointee stick around for another term! That only cements what THEY FEEL should be done and the direction on how they will work to advance their personal Agendas!

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