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HOT BREAKING NEWS | Secretary Of State Tillerson Threatens War With North Korea!

the entire (s)election "process" is nothing more than a division and diversion tactic. They laugh at those who are choosing "sides" as they are all on the same team working against the best interests and very survival of the common people.
There is no 'helping' an inbred, Dictatorial Dynasty. There's been nothing but looney despots running the country for decades/generations.. There's only two options in these situations: ignore/tolerate the loonies (to a point), or finally say 'we're done!'

my people,my brothers my sisters. wake up. don't be a fool. did any of you look at the real issue. do you really think any of these leaders really care about any of us. we are all sheep to these leaders and will be sacrificed for the real agenda. Mass world depopulation. while we all sit there typing like keyboard heros there plan is going exactly the way they want and will drive us to the point where we will all face each other on the front line with weapons killing each other. Is this the future you all want for your kids. Dont be fooled by this little game that they are playing. there are only 10 countries left that are currently not at war in one way or another. This final little game will pull those other countries in as well. if any of you have 5minutes left to be civil type husla187 in the search bar and listen to the truth. Peace. you are all my brothers and sisters

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