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Europe Facing Millions More Muslims - by Tim Rifat

its American and Israel actions in the middle east that is destroying europe,by invading the Muslim countries and supporting isis,which is leading to the refugee crisis,,why blame the victims for the crimes of the guilty

What is happening today in Europe has been planed by Richard Kalergi and other zionist scum of 19 th century. Angela Merkel has been awarded Richard Kalergi award in 2016, as she is fulfilling that plan with jew handlers. The goal of zionist is to replace and destroy white people in Europe with mongrel scum. This is done by the jews who are waiving immigrants ships in on the shores of Greece. Jews hate Christians and are still bent of killing every one of them. Muslims want the same and are used by jews to do this, without even knowing it.This is all outlined in Talmud and rabbis know it. Only thing these idiots forgot is the endless national pride and strength of European folk. We have stood in face of invasions for millennia and crushed them every time.

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