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Dr Jerome Corsi : Obama Stole 200+ Billion In Secret Bail In

The Globalist alien pedophiles are looking to take over the world

Obama does not have unlimited money. And, like so many other Chicago thug politicians. . . including governors. . .he'll be thrown under the bus as soon as he's convicted. A lot of firsts have been happening in recent history. Don't be surprised if Obama is the first ex-president to be convicted and thrown in prison. The same goes for Hillpig Clinton, her rapist husband and pedophile Podesta. The Speaker of the House, third in line to be president - and a close old friend of Podesta's - was thrown in prison. Nobody and no amount of money saved pedophile Dennis Hastert either. So people need to quit assuming certain people are all powerful or above Justice. It may take time but Justice can come for anyone , even Kings

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