Doug Casey | Trump is tactically very smart

Trump is outrunning the talking heads on TV and Casey loves it.

I was very happy to hear someone more knowledgeable and with a stronger public voice state something that I have felt, and that if I am honest with myself, has been a significant emotional weight for me. There is turbulence and depth of feeling in the US similar to a civil war between the pro an anti Trump people. And this has potential flags of a large something to be concerned about.

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  1. america does not have a president, do you get it LE PEN: the pentagon runs the nation FACTS: no point in talking to trump is useless he does not exist is a hologram. no will no mind not even A personality just confusion and fake news: wake up russian trolls is not Putin neither Russia that keeps your poor is washington the FED the dollar and the industrial military complex, dump those dollars and blame yourself as the end of the dollar is the day you will be at least better off. the enemy of democracy civilization and the human race is called washington DC.


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