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Deeper into the Soul of Lucifer aka The Satanic #NWO

 Everything I have written above is truth I have established through documented research. It is not based on conjecture or personal beliefs. It is provable! I am not asking you to believe any of it but I am asking you to look into it for yourself. You will not regret the few hours spent at your local library. It's not my job to convince you, it is up to you to convince yourself. My task is just to put questions into your mind, encouraging you to think freely for your self.

Finally, all this may seem a somewhat negative, or even scary. But I assure you there is an answer and this answer is a positive answer. I was led to this answer through my research into the above information. If you truly have a heart and a hunger for the truth you will surely find the same answer.

I hope you found the information interesting.

After studying the well documented quotes in that link please proceed to examine the United Nations treaties and declarations and spend time reading some of the books and articles on this Site so you may become more fully informed. I urge you to do your best and try to disprove this subject! You will find it proven.
A global economic crisis is very near and the United Nations socialistic legislation is being enacted at breakneck speed.

"Ordo Ab Chao", a latin phrase meaning 'Order Out Of Chaos' and is the motto of the 33rd degree of the Masonic Lodge

"Those who wish to be ignorant and free,
believe in something that never was and never shall be."

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