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Crucial Elections Underway in The Netherlands

Dutch election: Vote under way in key national poll Crucial vote boiled down to a race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and far-right party of MP Geert Wilders.

People in the Netherlands are casting ballots in general elections to choose members of the House of Representatives. Final polls on Tuesday put the liberal party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the lead, followed by the party of anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders. The far-right leader is seen as a divisive figure due to his anti-immigration and anti-EU stance. Analysts say even if Wilders wins in the election, the Netherlands would have a divided parliament. At the same time, the Dutch vote is seen as a test for upcoming polls elsewhere in Europe where anti-establishment sentiments have seen a rise in recent months.

The Dutch go to the polls on Wednesday in an election seen as a test of anti-immigrant and nationalist feeling magnified by a deepening dispute with Turkey. The centre-right VVD party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, 50, will vie with the PVV (Party for Freedom) of anti-Islam and anti-EU firebrand Geert Wilders, 53, to form the biggest party in parliament. Wilders, who has vowed to “de-Islamicise” the Netherlands, has virtually no chance of forming a government given that all the leading parties have ruled out working with him, but a PVV win would still send shockwave across Europe.

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  1. The leftest-communist in Holland were never, never going to let Geert Wilder Win. Phony poles and massive voter saw to that. If by some miracle he won, they would make sure he never took office