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Charles Nenner -- Stock Market Will Crash Big Time in 2017

Charles has been the talk of Wall Street since accurately predicting some of the biggest moves in the Markets over the past few years. His newsletter focuses on various financial Markets - Equities, Bonds, Commodities - Oil and Gold - and Currencies - Euro, Yen, Aussie Dollar, as well as Economic Indicators - VIX, Payrolls, etc. Charles Nenner's system uses a unique algorithm that factors in multiple cycle movements. With international and institutional clients managing hundreds of billions of dollars, Charles' advice is highly sought after. He also provides media appearances and private speaking engagements around the globe.

“Charles Nenner worked for Goldman Sachs and has since become one of the world's leading researchers of market cycles!”

Join us today to talk Charles Nenner about the world actual situation. He is going to discuss a variety of topics going from Economy and his prediction on a big Stock Market crash in the coming years or the future of the interest rates. Passing through society and what the future of it or how would a new world war look like with the actual technology. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW: 02:00 The Stock Market is in for a Big Crash on 2017/2018 05:00 Consequences if the Dow Jones Goes to 5000 07:00 Fed Increasing the Interest Rates and What to Expect 10:00 Charles Thoughts on Where the Society is Heading 13:10 Potencially How Would the Next World War be? 14:50 Charles Advice on the Financial Future

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