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ALERT !! #Soros Planning Massive Anti Trump Tax Day Protest On April 15th !

Soros is committing treason and should be arrested. Bring back the old punishment for treason. These liberal SJW's are the biggest losers on the planet. Crying that Trump won't except the results and now they can't except it. Americans just have to hold out until trump is sworn in. If protesters go against protesters then it will be martial law and everyone is screwed. Then these blind liberal protesters will sign the fate of the country where it becomes a third world country. Whats frustrating is I hear that electoral colleges want to change the vote they have a petition going. If hillary somehow gets in that's it. Then when these protesters don't get what they want from the government asnd lose jobs and millions of immigrants pour into the country and they ask hillary to do something......well you got to "pay to play" and they won't have any money.

Hungarian Communist George Soros financed the riots and protests that burned buildings, car, and other property in many cities in the USA. I hope that these cities sue Soros and make him pay the millions of dollars in police expenditures, property destruction, security expenditures, and any and all other costs the cities have had to pay out because of Soros financed protests and riots.

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